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10.19.2015, 5:11 PM

Shima DeRapz out here

I'm going big not going home do you hear

Shout out to all Yall man I'm going big

Rap music as a hobby maybe that's what I dig


For the record my bro I'm simply the best

My future so bright I gotta wear shades


Shima DeRapz I am

My future so bright I gotta wear shades


I work so hard to get myself to the top

This is good rap music yea we call it hip hop

I had a dream as a teen to be a good rapper 

Now I'm living that dream (as a good rapper)


I told my dad in my dreams that I love him so much

P J Raphasha daddy I love you so much

Tell mom in heaven, Doris 

Ramoshima Shima DeRapz love her so much


This is a celebration

I must say I'm worth celebrating


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